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Dermaroller Treatment in London

What is Dermaroller therapy?

The Genuine Dermaroller medical device is a novel treatment that has been proven to be effective in the treatment of the following problems:

Acne scars
Aged and sun-damaged skin
• Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles
Stretch marks
• Pale and atrophic scars

The Genuine Dermaroller is a single-use medical device available only from medically trained practitioners. This treatment employs advanced medical micro-needling, a procedure which stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally, thereby creating smoother, tighter, healthier and clear younger-looking skin.

Why choose Aesthetic Virtue London for Dermaroller treatments

Aesthetic Virtue is a Knightsbridge-based skincare clinic offering Genuine Dermaroller Therapy medical micro-needling to improve the appearance of the skin. This facial aesthetics and skin care clinic has state-of-the-art facilities and enables patients to enjoy a comfortable and welcoming environment throughout their treatment.

Our doctors are all fully accredited, advanced practitioners with years of experience in micro-needling to provide stunning results.

At Aesthetic Virtue in London, our treatments are very much tailored to the individual. We will always strive to give you a naturally fabulous end result that exceeds your expectations and makes you feel confident about your appearance.

The benefits of Dermaroller treatments

Skin Needling is a safe and precise procedure. The Genuine Dermaroller Therapy works by puncturing the outermost layers of your skin to create tiny pin prick injuries. These microscopic wounds will stimulate new collagen deposition. Although the wounds close within an hour, visible signs of skin rejuvenation are seen after just six to eight weeks following the procedure and can continue for up to a year after the treatment.

By having a number of consecutive Genuine Dermaroller Therapy sessions, new collagen and elastin are produced progressively until indented scars and deep lines are filled. Skin Needling does not require the removal of healthy epidermis which means that it offers a rapid healing time and is relatively painless. The procedure produces collagen layers on a scale similar to laser therapies.

Types of Dermaroller treatments

Although there are several types of skin needing or Dermaroller treatments available, we primarily use Genuine Dermaroller Therapy at Aesthetic Virtue in London.

After an initial consultation with your practitioner, if it is agreed that you will benefit from the Genuine Dermaroller Therapy, local anaesthetic is applied to the affected area in order to numb it; the anaesthetic is then allowed to work over the course of 30 minutes. The actual dermaroller procedure takes 20-30 minutes and is virtually painless.

Following the treatment, a soothing cream is applied and should continue to be applied at home for the next couple of days. For the first 24 hours post-procedure, the affected area will look red and may be slightly swollen (very similar to the appearance of mild sunburn). This is the normal expected result and is not painful.

Although significant results are often seen following the first treatment, your practitioner will generally recommend between three and five treatments for optimum and long-lasting effects.

This treatment is contra-indicated in the presence of active acne and if there is a tendency to form hypertrophic or keloid scars.

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Dermaroller treatments before & afters

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Dermaroller treatments FAQs

What does the procedure consist of?
Numbing cream is applied to the area to be treated and left on for about 30 minutes. This renders the procedure a painless one. The dermaroller treatment itself consists of rolling a little wheel of tiny needles all over the surface of the skin in many directions after a thorough cleansing. This causes little pinpricks with some mild bleeding. The procedure typically lasts 20 to 30 minutes. The area is then cleaned and a soothing cream is applied.

What will I look like immediately after the treatment?
The treatment leaves the skin looking red and possibly mildly swollen too - often resembling mild sunburn. This redness and swelling will subside within 24-48 hours, and some mild peeling may occur too.

What is the after-care procedure?
You will be given a cream to apply twice a day. We strongly advise you to avoid exposure to the sun or sun beds for at least two weeks, and to use sun protection of at least factor 30.

How often should the procedure be repeated?
The procedure should be repeated approximately every 6 weeks, at least three times. However most patients like the results so much that they continue to use the treatment regularly.

How soon will I start to see results?
Typically, optimal results are seen after the third procedure. However, most patients do notice an improvement in the appearance of their skin, scars or stretch marks after the first use of the dermaroller.

Will my skin return back to its original state if I stop using the dermroller?
The skin is a very dynamic organ and if treatments are stopped, it will eventually return to its original state. However, there will be no rebound effect. This applies to any skin treatment.

What are the contra-indication to using the dermaroller?
Pregnancy and breast-feeding, known bleeding disorders or medication which thins the blood, history of keloid scarring, infection or active acne in the area to be treated.

Can I combine the use of the dermroller with other treatments for skin rejuvenation?
Yes, most certainly. Through a thorough consultation, we can offer you a combination of treatments which complement each other, thereby giving you the Rolls-Royce standard in care for your skin with the best results. An example of such a combination would be the use of the Obagi products together with the dermaroller.

Clients who have had Dermaroller treatments in Knightsbridge

Please click on the names below to read some of our patients testimonials...

Mr Patel, South London
Miss Calu, London
Mrs Keystowe, Kensington
  Mr McEverly, Essex
Mrs Lumley, London
Miss Iliff, London

Mr Patel, South London

All my questions were addressed, treatment options, outcomes, potential side effects and after-care instructions were very clear. And the procedure was far less painful than I had imagined!

Miss Calu, London

A gentle hand… you might have very possibly cured my needle-phobia finally! And thank goodness, as everybody thinks I’m looking younger and fresher now!

Mrs Keystowe, Kensington

A clinic that insists on natural results! Fabulous! Now I’m loving the compliments.

Mr McEverly, Essex

Dr Raina has been my doctor for the last 18 months, and she will be for many months longer.

Recently my 20 year old daughter (who has beautiful full lips) told me she wanted to get her lips enlarged and that she had already spoken to another doctor about it, who was willing to do it for her. I took her along with me to discuss it with Dr Raina who explained to her that her natural lips are very nice and in proportion with the rest of her face. She mentioned that more volume will ruin the proportions and she would look ‘done’. We are both very grateful for the honesty there.

Mrs Lumley, London

A very professional, honest and straightforward doctor with surgical skills to match! My right earlobe split 6 years ago, and I was too anxious to have it repaired.

Now, I have no idea why I didn’t get it done sooner!

Miss Iliff, London

After discussing the pros and cons of removing the mole on my face, I finally underwent the procedure. Three months on, I am very pleased with the result. I appreciate the no frills honesty and straightforwardness.

Highly professional… I will certainly be recommending you!


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