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Lip enhancement London | Lip enhancement Knightsbridge | Lip enhancement Harley Street London
Lip enhancement in London | Lip enhancement Harley Street London

Lip enhancement in London

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Lip enhancement Harley Street London | Lip enhancement London

Lip enhancement London | Lip enhancement Harley Street London

Lip enhancement in Harley Street, London

What is Lip Enhancement?

For many of us, full, younger looking lips are high on our wish list. Lip enhancement can be achieved in a number of ways through the use of dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to replace the lost volume in your lips or to redefine your lip contours by injecting the fillers along the vermilion line (the line between your lips and the adjacent normal skin). It is also possible to improve the ‘Cupid’s Bow’ appearance of your lips by using dermal fillers in the fold that extends up towards the nose (philtrum ridges).

Why use Aesthetic Virtue in Harley Street London for Lip Enhancement

Aesthetic Virtue is a Harley Street london Clinic-based clinic offering a selection of treatments using dermal fillers for the purpose of lip enhancement. This facial aesthetics clinic in Harley Street London has state-of-the-art facilities and enables patients to enjoy a comfortable and welcoming environment throughout their treatment.

At Aesthetic Virtue in Harley Street, London, the methods used for lip enhancement are very much tailored to the individual in order to give you full, plump lips that look natural, appealing, and in harmony with the rest of your face. We will always strive to give you a naturally fabulous end result that exceeds your expectations and makes you feel confident about your appearance.

Our doctors are all fully accredited, advanced practitioners with years of experience in using dermal fillers to provide stunning results.

The benefits of Dermal Filler treatments in London for Lip Enhancement

Dermal fillers can be used to successfully revolumise areas that have lost volume (often as a result of ageing) and reshape the face without the need for surgery. Through the targeted use of dermal fillers, we can help you achieve a more alluring look in a short space of time.

Dermal fillers can be administered quickly, with minimal pain, and have an excellent safety record. Although there is currently a wide range of surgical options for lip augmentation and enhancement, dermal fillers present a non-invasive and cost effective alternative that does not have the inherent risks of surgery. The results that can be achieved using dermal fillers for lip enhancement are stunning and natural looking.

Types of Dermal Filler treatments

At Aesthetic Virtue, Harley Street london Clinic London, we use a range of hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane and Teosyal. These are non-permanent fillers and their effects typically last for six to 12 months.

The hyaluronic acid used in these dermal fillers is produced biosynthetically by bacterial fermentation. (Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found throughout your body. It gives volume to the skin, lubricates the joints and gives the eyes their shape).

All of our dermal filler options have a proven safety record and have been fully approved for use in Europe and the US.

Please arrange a consultation to discuss your treatment options in more detail.

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Dermal filler treatments before & afters

Lip fillers in London | Lip enhancement London | Lip enhancement Harley Street London

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Dermal fillers which are used for Lip enhancement in London FAQs

What are dermal fillers?
Most dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid, a substance which is naturally found in the body. As we grow older, the amount of hyaluronic acid produced by the body starts to decrease (from our late 20s onwards), leaving skin which is dry and less hydrated. Injecting fillers into the skin is a method of restoring volume where it is depleted, or enhancing areas that lack volume.

What happens during the treatment?

At Aesthetic Virtue, we offer a thorough consultation which includes a discussion with the patient of the perceived problems and areas to be treated, facial examination and explanation of the various treatment options. A consent form is signed and pre-treatment photos are taken. Following a choice of numbing cream or local anaesthetic (depending on the area to be treated), the substance (which is in gel form) is injected into the dermis (middle layer of the skin) in small increments using a very fine needle. Results are immediately apparent. The treatment is carried out with the patient holding a mirror to judge the results and volume.

How long does the treatment take?

The injecting time can vary as this is volume dependent. It usually takes between ten and 30 minutes per area.

How quickly will I notice an effect?
The change in volume is immediately noticeable. However, it is common for the treated area to be a little bit red, swollen or even slightly bruised for a short while after.

How long do the effects of the treatment usually last?
This is highly dependent on individual variation and the area of the anatomy into which the filler is injected. Other factors such as smoking, age, degree of correction required, volume injected, type of filler etc. also contribute to this variable.

What are the possible side effects?
This is a very safe procedure in the hands of highly skilled and experienced practitioners, such as those found at Aesthetic Virtue. Common side-effects include redness, bruising and swelling and mild lumpiness. These usually resolve within a few hours, but bruises may last a couple of days.

Are there any possible serious complications?
Complications are very rare with dermal fillers but can include infection, severe bruising, cyst formation, granuloma formation, asymmetrical results or skin necrosis.

Is this treatment reversible?
Treatments with hyaluronic acid fillers can be reversed using hyalase to dissolve the product.

Post-treatment care
Avoid applying make-up over the treated area. Very gentle massage and an ice pack may help reduce the swelling and bruising. Sleep on two pillows for the first night to help alleviate any swelling, avoid hot baths, showers, saunas and strenuous exercise, as well as alcohol for four to six hours post treatment.

Clients who have had Dermal filler treatments in Knightsbridge

Please click on the names below to read some of our patients testimonials...

Mr Patel, South London
Miss Calu, London
Mrs Keystowe, Kensington
  Mr McEverly, Essex
Mrs Lumley, London
Miss Iliff, London

Mr Patel, South London

All my questions were addressed, treatment options, outcomes, potential side effects and after-care instructions were very clear. And the procedure was far less painful than I had imagined!

Miss Calu, London

A gentle hand… you might have very possibly cured my needle-phobia finally! And thank goodness, as everybody thinks I’m looking younger and fresher now!

Mrs Keystowe, Kensington

A clinic that insists on natural results! Fabulous! Now I’m loving the compliments.

Mr McEverly, Essex

Dr Raina has been my doctor for the last 18 months, and she will be for many months longer.

Recently my 20 year old daughter (who has beautiful full lips) told me she wanted to get her lips enlarged and that she had already spoken to another doctor about it, who was willing to do it for her. I took her along with me to discuss it with Dr Raina who explained to her that her natural lips are very nice and in proportion with the rest of her face. She mentioned that more volume will ruin the proportions and she would look ‘done’. We are both very grateful for the honesty there.

Mrs Lumley, London

A very professional, honest and straightforward doctor with surgical skills to match! My right earlobe split 6 years ago, and I was too anxious to have it repaired.

Now, I have no idea why I didn’t get it done sooner!

Miss Iliff, London

After discussing the pros and cons of removing the mole on my face, I finally underwent the procedure. Three months on, I am very pleased with the result. I appreciate the no frills honesty and straightforwardness.

Highly professional… I will certainly be recommending you!

Lip enhancement Harley Street London | Lip enhancement London


Lip enhancement Harley Street London
Lip enhancement London | Lip enhancement Harley Street London
Lip enhancement Harley Street London

Lip enhancement Harley Street London

Lip fillers London | Lip enhancement London

Lip enhancement in Harley Street London | Lip fillers London

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