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Scar removal Harley Street London | Scar removal London

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Scar removal London | Scar removal Harley Street London
Scar removal Harley Street London | Scar removal London

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Acne scar removal Harley Street London

Scar removal Harley Street London | Acne scar removal London

Scar removal in Harley Street, London

Scarring is the body’s natural way of healing and providing protection when the skin barrier has been breached. There are many causes of scar formation, including trauma, acne, previous surgery and illnesses, such a chicken pox.

Many scars improve and fade with time. From the time of injury, a scar will take up to 18 months to mature to its final result. Whereas some people are happy to live with these blemishes, many seek out various methods of improving the appearance of their skin and restoring it to its previous state.

Why choose Aesthetic Virtue London for Scar Removal treatments

Aesthetic Virtue is a London-based skincare clinic offering a wide range of specifically targeted scar treatments. This facial aesthetics and skin care clinic has state-of-the-art facilities and enables patients to enjoy a comfortable and welcoming environment throughout their treatment.

Our doctors are all fully accredited, advanced practitioners with years of experience in techniques such as micro-needling, skin peels and administering triamcinolone steroid injections to provide stunning results.

At Aesthetic Virtue in London, our treatments are very much tailored to the individual. We will always strive to give you a naturally fabulous end result that exceeds your expectations and makes you feel confident about your appearance.

The benefits of Scar Removal treatments

At Aesthetic Virtue, Harley Street london Clinic London, we offer a comprehensive range of techniques for treating the appearance of scars. Which technique we use is always decided according to what would be most beneficial for the patient.

We would advise you to book a consultation to discuss the most appropriate form of treatment for the removal of your scar(s).

Types of Scar Removal treatments

Acne Scarring is an extremely common adolescent problem which very often leaves its marks, persisting well into adulthood in the form of deep pits. The face is affected most commonly but often these scars are seen on the chest and back too. Luckily today, there are plenty of ways of treating acne scars.

For people suffering from active acne, we strongly recommend the Obagi Nu-derm system and the Obagi Blue peel. This product system is effective in reducing active acne and in treating acne scars while also tackling other common skin problems. Obagi Nu-derm employs a combination of tretinoin and hydroquinone to penetrate to the deepest layer of the skin to correct the problem from its roots.

For those people who are no longer suffering from active acne, but would like to improve the appearance of the resulting scars, Genuine Dermaroller Therapy provides advanced micro-medical skin needling that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely. This leads to a smoother, brighter, healthier and younger-looking skin. Usually three to five therapy sessions are required.

Pale and Atrophic Scars: When scars mature normally, the end result is most commonly a flat pale scar. This is often the case after surgical incisions. Many people though, still feel uncomfortable with these scars and would like to improve on the appearance, especially if they are in cosmetically sensitive areas, for example, in the breasts after a breast reduction procedure. Such scars show considerable improvement after Genuine Dermaroller Therapy, usually requiring three to five sessions of therapy.

Hypertrophic Scars are those which remain persistently red and raised (but confined to the margins of injury) after the scar has matured. Steroid injections (triamcinolone) are used to effectively treat this type of scar, leading to a paler, flatter and more unnoticeable blemish. This treatment needs to be repeated every six to eight weeks for about six times to achieve the best long-lasting results.

Keloid Scars are scars which continue to grow after the scar tissue has matured. They are often raised, pigmented, extend beyond the original wound margins and may cause an itching sensation. Although often difficult to treat, keloid scars respond well to triamcinolone (steroid) injections.

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Scar Removal treatments before & afters

Scar removal Harley Street London | Acne scar removal London

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Scar Removal treatments FAQs

I’m not sure what kind of scar I have. How will I know which treatment is best?
This is why we highlight the importance of a consultation.

As a rough guide, keloid scars are those that are often darkly pigmented, may itch and the scar tissue tends to grow beyond the margins of the original injury. They are commoner in darker-skinned patients and tend to occur mainly on the neck, earlobes, face, neck, chest, shoulders and upper back. These scars can be treated with steroid injection and in certain cases the keloid may be surgically excised under local anesthetic.

Hypertrophic scars are those that are red and raised but the scar tissue is restricted to the original wound margins. Often these scars may itch. These scars may be treated with steroid injections.

Acne scars typically appear as pitted scars on the face, or occasionally if prone to keloid formation may manifest as such. If the scats are pitted, they can be treated with the Dermaroller, if on the other hand they are keloids, they can be treated with steroid (triamcinolone) injections.

Pale atrophic scars are those with have healed 'normally' into a pale white skin. People might be unhappy about the appearance of these scars as the texture of the skin and the colour might not match that of the surrounding areas. These scars respond very well to dermaroller treatment.

I have just undergone a surgical procedure. How should I now look after the wound so as to have the best scar possible?
It is imperative to keep the area clean at all times to avoid infections. Avoid excessive movement or strain in the area. When exposed to sunlight, scar tissue tends to take up pigment differently to normal skin. Therefore, it is important to keep the area covered, or if on the face to use sun protection at all times (minimum SPF 30), as otherwise the resulting scar may be more obvious as it may be paler or darker than the surrounding skin.

Very often, in the first 6 weeks following a procedure, it is normal for the scar to be slightly red and raised. Two weeks following the procedure or following removal of sutures (if used) it is recommended to massage the scar using Vitamin E cream, or Manuka honey. This will flatten the scar.

A scar takes up to 18 months to mature to its final appearance. During this time, care for the scar should be optimised.

Clients who have had Scar Removal treatments in Knightsbridge

Please click on the names below to read some of our patients testimonials...

Mr Patel, South London
Miss Calu, London
Mrs Keystowe, Kensington
  Mr McEverly, Essex
Mrs Lumley, London
Miss Iliff, London

Mr Patel, South London

All my questions were addressed, treatment options, outcomes, potential side effects and after-care instructions were very clear. And the procedure was far less painful than I had imagined!

Miss Calu, London

A gentle hand… you might have very possibly cured my needle-phobia finally! And thank goodness, as everybody thinks I’m looking younger and fresher now!

Mrs Keystowe, Kensington

A clinic that insists on natural results! Fabulous! Now I’m loving the compliments.

Mr McEverly, Essex

Dr Raina has been my doctor for the last 18 months, and she will be for many months longer.

Recently my 20 year old daughter (who has beautiful full lips) told me she wanted to get her lips enlarged and that she had already spoken to another doctor about it, who was willing to do it for her. I took her along with me to discuss it with Dr Raina who explained to her that her natural lips are very nice and in proportion with the rest of her face. She mentioned that more volume will ruin the proportions and she would look ‘done’. We are both very grateful for the honesty there.

Mrs Lumley, London

A very professional, honest and straightforward doctor with surgical skills to match! My right earlobe split 6 years ago, and I was too anxious to have it repaired.

Now, I have no idea why I didn’t get it done sooner!

Miss Iliff, London

After discussing the pros and cons of removing the mole on my face, I finally underwent the procedure. Three months on, I am very pleased with the result. I appreciate the no frills honesty and straightforwardness.

Highly professional… I will certainly be recommending you!


Acne Scar removal Harley Street London | Acne Scar removal London

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Acne Scar removal London | Scar removal Harley Street
Acne Scar removal Harley Street London Scar removal Harley Street London

Acne Scar removal Harley Street London

Scar removal Harley Street London | Scar removal in London

Scar removal Harley Street London | Scar removal London

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